About Brüha

Finding entertainment can be complicated with applications like Facebook, Google, Yelp or blogs. These are platforms are often cluttered with content, making it difficult to find relevant information on the events users are looking for.

We’ve noticed that event organizers and venue owners have a lot of difficulties in assuring stable attendance numbers to their events and establishments. This is something that as event-goers ourselves, we noticed there was a huge room for opportunity.

Brüha is an entertainment discovery and ticketing provider changing the way people interact with their community, discover local events and purchase tickets.

It is an innovative product suite including an interactive website, iOS and Android products, that revolutionize the ticket management software industry by including a user-monetization strategy, Brüha Promoter, as well as a comprehensive personalized user experience for discovering local entertainment. Both resulting in the increase of event awareness and online ticket sales.

Core Value

Increasing ticket sales for event organizers and helping event-goers discover relevant content

Our Team

Meet the team that's making it all happen.

Graeme Davis

Graeme Davis

Chief Executive Officer

Kristian Borghesan

Kristian Borghesan

Marketing Director

Ryan O’Neill

Ryan O’Neill

Art Director

Ankur Patel

Ankur Patel

Web Lead

Ricky Piedrahita

Ricky Piedrahita

Business Development Manager

Robert Skozen

Robert Skoczen

Chief Technical Officer

Customer Testimonials

Here's what our clients are saying about us

beer festival
Selling with Brüha

Faron Benoit

Owner, I Heart Beer Festivals

I’m proud to have Brüha as my official ticket provider. From the start, they’ve been great to work with. Response times are amazing,they make the extra effort to get the word out for my events and the platform is easy to use. I can’t imagine using anybody else for my ticketing needs.

Suzanne Zandbergen

Owner, The Generator

The whole team at The Generator was really excited to have Brüha come on the scene. We book all kinds of events for local businesses and organizations in Hamilton, and to be able to replace our ticketing service with a local company that is actively a part of what’s happening -- that was a big step forward for the city. Brüha takes a real interest in the events posted on its site and heavily promotes them using its large social media influence. Selling tickets through the site is also a simple process, and any questions we’ve had are almost immediately answered by the Brüha team. We’ve also noticed that we’ve started selling out events lately using Brüha. There’s definitely no going back for us!

Doug Lecinski

Marketing Strategist, Forge and Foster

Brüha is the go-to event ticketing and promotions company in Hamilton. They have filled a need for Hamiltonians to find out what is shaking around town. Their level of service, knowledge of the #HamOnt scene, and the ability to promote your event through their network put them far ahead of anything an outside service could provide.

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245 James St. N.
Hamilton ON