November 18th 2017

November 18th 2017

08:00 PM

09:15 PM EST

Gerard Harris: Attention Seeker

27 Dundurn Street North, Hamilton, ON, Canada

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Attention Seeker

An hour and a bit of Gerard Harris's newish show Attention Seeker

Attention Seeker and C-

Consecutive nights of the comedic storytelling stylings of Gerard Harris and Eric Jaffe

Creator of 2015 Fringe hit “A Tension To Detail”, the mildly acclaimed British* comedian and storyteller Gerard Harris returns to Hamilton for the first time in forever to tell the regrettably true story of working as the joke writer for a famous comedian in the UK

It was only a matter of time before he decided to give standup a try himself and so, armed with only crippling stage fright, deep uncertainty in his own abilities and a collection of jokes the comedian didn’t buy, he entered a national standup competition with no idea of what he was doing or how to do it. The rest, as they say, is history. Except history is usually written by the winners

Also, next month the show begins a short run Off-Broadway, so you should see it now before nobody in New York does
Praise for Attention Seeker:

★★★★★ incredibly smart & funny” - Edmonton Journal 

★★★★ it’s... what was I going to... Oh, yeah, good” - Star-Phoenix, Saskatoon

“Goes almost beyond engaging into downright hypnosis… a show of action - of doing, being, living, seeking and I loved every minute of it” - Art Murmurs, Wellington, NZ

Praise for Gerard:

“Hugely talented, a cut above most storytellers” - CBC

“Wickedly funny…a hilarious and unforgettable experience” - Raise The Hammer, Hamilton

“I found myself hanging on every word… an exceptional story teller” - Hamilton Today, Hamilton

“Sharpened to a razor edge, Mr. Harris’ nervous charm and dry wit pulls us through” - Monkey Biz, Hamilton

“Hilarious, yet thought provoking...Opening night’s audience ran to the stage to hug him” - The View, Hamilton


(All proceeds from this event go towards trying to survive as an artist)


*and now legally Canadian, but please don't let that stop you



The Staircase, Dundurn Street North, Hamilton, ON, Canada

27 Dundurn Street North, Hamilton, ON, Canada

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