April 24th 2018 10:30 AM - April 24th 2018 02:30 PM

Innovation Factory Workshops for Hamilton Health Innovation Week 2018

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175 Longwood Road South, Hamilton, ON, Canada

Innovation Factory Workshops for Hamilton Health Innovation Week 2018


Accessing the US Market:

10:30am - 12:00pm

The first export destination for Canadian life science companies, understanding the United States marketplace can be the key to your success. Hear insights and guidance about establishing a US presence from Scott Friedman, a co-Founder of Impact Capital and partner at Lippes Mathias Wexler Friedman LLP.

About the Speaker:

Scott E. Friedman is a US based attorney who supports life science companies seeking to enter and expand operations in the United States. 

He is a partner at Lippes & Friedman LLP (https://www.lippes.com/), and has recently brought together a consortium of investment partners to stand up Impact Capital (https://www.lippes.com/) a VC fund that is seeking early stage opportunities in the life sciences space, and is keen on engaging Ontario-based companies.


Lunch provided from 12:00pm - 1:00pm


When Innovation Goes Wrong; Avoid Mistakes that can Kill Your Dreams

1:00pm - 2:30pm

After almost four decades of developing and launching new products, Rob Fichtner has seen too many smart, well-funded projects get derailed. The success rate for new products is about 10-15% and he strongly believes we can do better.

In his wide-ranging lecture, Rob will look at some of the issues that have tripped up well-intentioned innovators. Some of the topics he’ll cover include:

- Facing reality: Is your idea really a good one? How much does it matter?

- What does the word “Quality” mean in the development of new products? Do you have it?

- Acceptability, Consumer and Market Research: how innovators have seriously misled themselves.

- Dishonesty, lying with statistics and other hazards that may be lying around the office.

- “I need Regulatory Approval”: True or false? How so many get this wrong

- Patents: What we all long for and few really understand.

- Complaints, adverse reactions: The things we don’t want to hear and sometimes ignore to our peril.

- Talent and Resources. Success weighs in the balance.

- What do innovators fear the most?

This lecture is meant for anyone interested in the technical, scientific and regulatory work that goes on in the development of new, innovative technologies. Come with your stories and questions as we all pursue the dream to become successful innovators. 

About the Speaker:

Robert H. Fichtner, President & CEO Focal Point Research Inc.

Rob is President and co-founder of Focal Point Research Inc., a scientific, regulatory and new product consultancy based in Mississauga, Ontario. Focal Point’s mandate is to assist companies in the development and launch of their products into North American markets. The company’s focus is on Drugs, Cosmetics, Medical Devices, Natural Health Products and Consumer Products. 

Rob has more than 35 years of experience in the design, formulation, manufacturing and regulation of new products. He has completed hundreds of regulatory submissions for product registration and approval, and has served as a consultant to companies of all sizes around the world pertaining to their Canadian and US product launches. He has also served as a consultant directly to Health Canada. 

Rob has many years of experience in Research and Development, including formulation, packaging, shelf life evaluation and analytical chemistry, clinical trials and consumer testing. He has extensive experience inspecting manufacturing facilities and developing QA programs. 

Rob has served as an expert witness in litigation, and contributes to the development of intellectual property. Rob has written many published articles pertaining to the science of cosmetics and topical drugs and is a sought-after speaker in his areas of knowledge. 

Prior to his career at FPR, Rob spent almost 20 years in Management positions at Procter & Gamble. He worked as a research scientist, Group Leader, Section Manager and Associate Product Development Manager in laboratories, in Hamilton, Toronto and Cincinnati Ohio. Rob led international R&D projects and started up the production of new products in more than a dozen manufacturing centres in North America and Europe. He was involved with all aspects of P&G’s new product programs including Formulation, Process Engineering, Packaging, and Regulatory and Government Affairs. 

In 2016 Rob was appointed Professor in the School of Biological Sciences and Applied Chemistry at Canada’s Seneca College. He developed and taught a one-semester course pertaining to the regulations of cosmetics and OTC drugs. 

Rob was born and raised in Hamilton. He completed undergraduate summers in the McMaster Hospital’s Department of Medicine, and in Research and Development at Dofasco (today ArcelorMittal). He completed B.Sc. and M.Sc. degrees in organic chemistry at McMaster University. Rob’s is married to Angie, a physician, entrepreneur and Medical Director at Focal Point. They share in the lives of five adult children, and live in Stoney Creek Ontario with Emma, their Portuguese water dog.

About Hamilton Health Innovation Week:

Synapse Consortium is proud to be a part of Hamilton Health Innovation Week - a showcase for innovators and practitioners pushing the boundaries of health innovation. HHIW serves as an opportunity to learn how practitioners can, and are, turning great ideas into practical real-world solutions that improve patient health, simplify care delivery, and bend the cost curve.

Together we can turn inspiration into innovation, make our healthcare system stronger and our communities healthier!

For more information about Hamilton Health Innovation Week 2018, please visit:

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