April 18th 2018 07:00 PM - April 18th 2018 11:00 PM

National Canadian Film Day - Hamilton Film Festival Presents

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27 Dundurn Street North, Hamilton, ON, Canada

National Canadian Film Day - Hamilton Film Festival Presents


7pm - Sarah Prefers To Run

Written and Directed by Chloé Robichaud

In partnership with Centre Français Hamilton

(French with English Subtitles, 97min, 2013)

Sarah (Sophie Desmarais) est une jeune athlète de course demi-fond. Sa vie bascule lorsqu'on lui offre une place dans le meilleur club d'athlétisme universitaire, loin de sa banlieue natale. Sarah ne bénéficie pas du soutien financier de sa mère (Hélène Florent) pour se lancer dans l'aventure. Déterminée, Sarah quitte en compagnie de son ami Antoine (Jean-Sébastien Courchesne). Les deux s'épouseront, question de toucher de meilleurs prêts et bourses. Le mariage ne sera pas ce qu'ils espéraient, du haut de leurs 20 ans... Elle ne veut faire de mal à personne par ses choix, mais malheureusement, Sarah préfère la course.

Sarah is a gifted young middle-distance runner. Her life changes when she’s offered admission to Quebec’s best university athletics program, in Montreal – far from her suburban Quebec City home. Sarah doesn’t have her mother’s financial support for the move, or any support at all: her mother worries that leaving will be bad for Sarah’s health and life. But Sarah is stubborn, and moves to Montreal anyway, with her friend Antoine. Though barely out of their teens, they get married because they want the best scholarships and loans. Marriage turns out to be completely different from what the naïve 20-year-olds expected. Sarah doesn’t want to hurt anyone with the choices she makes, it’s just that she loves running more than anything else.

9pm - Mary Goes Round (Hamilton Premiere) 

Written and Directed by Molly McGlynn

(English / 84min, 2017) 

Mary Goes Round is a redemptive drama with dark comedic undertones. Mary is a substance abuse counsellor with a drinking problem. After a drunk driving accident, she loses her license, her job and boyfriend. At the request of her estranged father Walt, Mary begrudgingly retreats to her hometown of Niagara Falls. With few other options, Mary is forced to come to terms with her estranged father who wants her to connect her with teen-aged half-sister, Robyn, whose mother walked out on the family. Robyn has no idea who Mary is. Or at least, she pretends not to.

As her sympathy for Robyn deepens, her outrage at Walt’s request diminishes. At an AA meeting, Mary meets Lou, a personal care worker who offers support and friendship. Walt is hospitalized. Robyn starts to self-destruct and Lou falls from her heroic pedestal. To keep this fractured unit together, Mary must confront her emotions, her demons and her addiction. She, Robyn, Walt and Lou must all learn what ‘family’ means.



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