Manage The Door

Brüha makes managing the event check-in as seamless as possible.

Brüha Exclusive App

Download the Bruha Exclusive app to track tickets sales, regitration, and to easily scan tickets at the door.

Web App


For manual check in, use the Exclusive app or website to check in using Registration ID or attendees first and last name.

Brüha Tip

For events with high volume door activity, we recommend using multiple phones to scan tickets at the gate. Brüha allows unlimited app account and ticket scanning simultaneously.

Moile App Bruha tip

You can see a list of attendees who are currently checked in to your event, and who has yet to arive.

Brüha Tip

You can manually uncheck any attendee from both the BruhaExclusive app and the website

Bruha Tip

Check-In Qucikly

Every time you check in an attendee, it's saved to the event's database. This means that no attendee can be checked-in twice, no matter how quickly you scan the tickets.

Swipe down on your ticket sold page to refresh the list.

In order for the check in products to connect to Brüha's database, your phone, laptop or tablet will require access to the internet.

If the venue does not have access to wifi or data, please contact our sales team infor@bruha.com to learn more about on-site custom solutions.

Beer Festival

Case Study

I Heart Beer Festival was hosted at the Hamilton Convention Centre. The event had over 2500 attendees and were operating one entrance to the festival grounds. In order to meet the high volume of gate traffic, the organizer ran multiple lines of ticket scanners and handled any registrations or lost tickets at a separate box office.