How It Works For Promoters

Earn a commission on selling tickets for local events and festivals. Every sale you make through your unique URL (per event) goes directly towards your earnings.


Get started by filling out our application to become an official Promoter. Fill out all of the required details including your location and interests, then hit submit!

Once you're done, sit tight and we'll be in touch soon. Remember, you must have an account with Brüha before signing up.


Sell Tickets

Once your application is approved, you'll be added to our list of official Promoters. Event Organizers will have the option to send you a request for selling tickets, where you'll earn a commission on every sale you make.

Accepting a request to sell tickets will give you access to your unique URL (per event), which is used to track your sales activity.

Earn Cash

Every sale you make through your unique URL (per event) goes directly towards your total earnings. You have complete control and flexibility, meaning that you can sell tickets for multiple events at a time.

The more events you're selling tickets for + more total tickets sold = more cash earned for you!

Promoter Demographics

Promoters are anyone and everyone who have reach and influence within specific networks.

Whether it's student populations, business networks, large social media influence, or lifestyle groups - Promoters help Event Organizers sell more tickets by leveraging their networks and influence.

Accepting & Rejecting Ticket Requests

Event Organizers will send you personalized invitations to sell tickets, per event, for a specified commission on each ticket you sell. You'll be notified via email each time a ticketing selling request is sent your way.

The option is entirely yours whether you want to accept the request and start selling tickets, or reject it and move on to the next event.

You’ve Accepted Your First Request, Now What?

Once you’ve approved your first ticket selling request, you’ll soon have access to your unique URL which means that it’s time to start selling tickets and earning money!

Set Discounts On Tickets You Sell

Sell your tickets at a discounted rate to attract more sales! By accepting a commission %, you’re able to adjust the sale price of the ticket within the boundaries of your own earnings (see example below).

As a Promoter, you have the option to discount a ticket based on your commission margin. In this scenario, you can discount the $100 tickets up to 30%.

Take note that the discounted rate will cut into the Promoter’s earnings, meaning the more you discount, the less you earn.


That’s right, NONE! We do not deduct or charge you any fees for selling tickets. You keep what earn, no strings attached.