How Hiring A Promoter Works

Our Promoters are local influencers and event-goers that help you increase your event’s awareness, sell tickets and earn more money.

No more long hours spent finding Promoters

We know that researching and managing Promoters can be a lot of work. Let us do the work for you. Easily search through our database of Promoters, they are influencers who can improve your ticket sale numbers and bring more people to your event.

Create Your Event

Get started by creating an event and using Bruha to manage your ticket sales. Once your event has been created you’ll have the option to search and hire Promoters based on location, demographics and interests.

Select & Invite Promoters

You can select one or more Promoters to sell tickets for an event. Choose one or more Ticket Types that Promoters are to sell tickets for, and set their commission earning for each Ticket Type.

Incentivized Promoter's to sell by offering higher percentages! The commission % you set will go to the Promoter, and you collect the rest as your ticket revenue.

Manage Promoter Performance

In your event management dashboard you’ll have access to managing and tracking sales performance for each Promoter. See which Promoters are high-performers and message Promoters with important event updates.

By hiring a Promoter, you agree to give a percentage of the ticket revenue that the Promoter sells as their compensation.

Promoters will continue to sell tickets until the event begins, or it sells out.

Cancelling Promoters

Once Promoters accept your request to sell tickets they are given free reign to sell as many tickets as they can until the event ends or sells out.

You ALWAYS have the ability to halt Promoters from selling tickets at any time. Use this option only when necessary and communicate with them as you don’t want to produce unhappy Promoters!

Getting Paid

At the end of every event, we’ll pay you via Direct Deposit the portion of revenue you earned and we’ll pay your Promoters their portion separately based on their total commission earned per event.


That’s right, NONE! We do not deduct or charge you any fees for hiring Promoters. In fact, we don’t charge you anything at all! Our services fees are attached to the tickets and by default passed on to the ticket buyers.